Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:


As a business it behooves us to know our audience, and to that end we use Google Analytics Advertising Features in order to monitor traffic on our site for the following information:

- Demographics and Interest Reports.

- Traffic flow patterns.

Our collection of data is so we can best reach our customers and tailor product offerings. For instance, if we receive a lot of traffic from Australia for hiking and camping in the outback, we know that we should promote that on our site and possibly create a pay-per-click campaign for that genre in Australia.  

Insofar as sharing your data or selling it to third parties, outside of Google Analytics, we do not do that in any way, shape or form.

If you have accepted cookies on our site and don't want them, you can simply clear your browsers history, and that should clear them.

Google has a Google Analytics' opt-out extension for multiple browsers here: